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“AR and Effective Cash Flow Management”


“Optimizing Revenue Opportunities thru Charge Master and Charge Capture”


“ER and Hospital Based Clinics”


“Surgery, Anesthesia, Recovery and Supplies”


“What is Integrated CDI and why do I care?” 


"Drug Administration Uglies"


"Documentation of E&M Services"


What Does disruption in Healthcare Look Like

(Updated 4/20/19)

Finding Lost Revenue: Documenting Challenges




“Mastering the Chaos- Mastering the 2 MN Rule + Probe and Educate Highlights” 


“Inpt vs. Obs-Documentation to Support the Patient Story” 

(Updated 12/20/18)

“Inpt vs. Obs-Documentation to Support the Patient  Story” (Physician Training)  (Updated 12/20/18)


 "Top at Risk Issues-Charge Capture Audits & at Risk Patient Status Documentations" (Updated 5/24/19)


Attacking Managed Care Anguish: What's going on with the Payers?

(Updated 6/19/19)

Attacking Managed Care Denials: The New Battleground

(New Class 9/23/18)

Inpt vs Obs: Plus Total Knee Anguish


Healthcare Reform Discussion


1000 Seniors turning 65



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10 questions for KAHPAM
CMS Update to 2 Midnight Rule
WPS- Update on ICD-10 Implementation.
Medicare Transmittal 534
Medicare Transmittal 540
Humana adopts 2 Midnight Standard
United Health 2 Midnight  Standard
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Road to ICD-10: The Small Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10
CMS- Inpatient Admission and Medical Review Criteria (2 MN Rule)
Service Line Work Paper
Sample Medical Center
CMS- Contractors to Provide 2 Midnight Guidance (HFMA)
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The MOON is out!!!!

(Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice)

CMS Contacts for Advantage Plans
Humana MED C Contact at Medicare:

Uvonda Meinholdt
Health Insurance Specialist
Kansas City Regional Office
Phone: 816-426-6544
FAX: 443-380-6020

UHC MED C Contact at Medicare:

Nicole Edwards
Phone: 415-744-3672

Coventry Health Care Med C/Aetna Med C
Don Marek
Health Insurance Specialist
Denver Regional Office
Phone: 303-844-2646

Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Med C:
Anne McMillan
Health Insurance Specialist
Chicago Regional Office
Phone: 312-353-1668

Blue Cross and Anthem
Anne McMillan
Health Insurance Specialist
Chicago Regional Office
Phone: 312-353-1668

General CMS Contact:
Melanie Xiao
Health Insurance Specialist
Medicare Advantage Branch
Division of Medicare Health Plans Operations
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CMS San Francisco Regional Office
90 7th Street, 5-300 (5W)
San Francisco, CA 94103-6708
Phone: 415-744-3613
FAX: 443-380-6371
Medicare Advantage Denials Rivals FFS:
Readmissions, Inpatients are Hot Spots.
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PA Bootcamp Payer Grid Example