The National RAC (and MAC) Summit series of events are the leading forums for discussion of recovery auditing issues and solutions, whether Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial.  A July Boot Camp, co-produced with AR Systems, Inc., deals specifically with Physician Advisor and UR Team roles and best practices.  The national Summit in the Fall in Washington, DC covers the full range of audit and appeal issues and features prominent national players as well as hospital experts.

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The Compliance 360 online solution for healthcare reduces the overhead and risks of regulatory compliance initiatives, enabling increased focus on the core business of providing quality health care. With over 250,000 active users, Compliance 360 is the most widely used compliance, risk and governance solution in the healthcare industry today. This industry leading solution enables a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance and risk management through a single enterprise-wide platform. The Compliance 360 solution for healthcare includes policy management, centralized regulation repository, incident management, claims audits and denials management, gifts & hospitality management, reporting, contract management, surveys, remediation projects, audit management, self-assessment, and enterprise risk management.

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American College of Physician Advisors 

American College of Physician Advisors
The American College of Physician Advisors, Inc., is a newly formed organization that has at its core the mission to enhance the profession of the Physician Advisor on all levels, including the integral interfaces we encounter across the spectrum of healthcare. The creative effort of a dedicated group of highly experienced PA leaders; this physician-led organization aims to become the unified source of collegial education, idea-sharing, and overall clinical and administrative support to help physicians develop the skills sets needed to become more effective leaders.
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