AR Systems, Inc and its President, Day Egusquiza are nationally recognized leaders in the field of hospital reimbursement, documentation audits, and educational boot camps. Below are some of Day's national publicated works as well as here monthly infoline, where Day shares her pearls of wisdom on the industries most pressing issues. Click on the links below and read some of Day's fabulous work. Thanks and Enjoy!

Recent Publications

8 Critical Steps for 2- Midnight Compliance
HFM Magazine: February 2014


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The Buttons Tell the Tale: Documentation Matters
HFMA: Revenue Cycle Analyst Newsletter, July 2014

Looking forward can be exciting and a bit challenging.  As we continue to see COVID deaths/high yet less positive cases, we want to think:  Ready to go back to normal.

As healthcare professionals, we lead the country by example.  It does not mean you have to wear a mask all the time to protect yourself and others – but use good judgement. Are you going to be very close to people in a large group setting?  Are you going to be confined in that area with little ventilation?  Even if you have had COVID, any strain, and you are boosted (I sure hope you all are), there is still risk.  Be that good neighbor, that concerned/informed family member,  think of others safety beyond yourself and remember – people look to healthcare professionals for honest guidance.  Keep each other safe…always!


Finding Your Lost Inpatients
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, November 2014
What Inpatient Cases Meet The 2 Midnight Rule
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, January 2015
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Two Midnight Rule Redux
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, May 2016
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