AR Systems, Inc and its President, Day Egusquiza are nationally recognized leaders in the field of hospital reimbursement, documentation audits, and educational boot camps. Below are some of Day's national publicated works as well as here monthly infoline, where Day shares her pearls of wisdom on the industries most pressing issues. Click on the links below and read some of Day's fabulous work. Thanks and Enjoy!

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8 Critical Steps for 2- Midnight Compliance
HFM Magazine: February 2014


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The Buttons Tell the Tale: Documentation Matters
HFMA: Revenue Cycle Analyst Newsletter, July 2014



Disruption in healthcare means change- pure and simple.  The delivery system of care is being re-defined -especially as it relates to outside the walls of a hospital.  Care Mgt at home for at risk patients – like diabetes – is now part of population health that is being developed and implemented by hospitals. Medicare Advantage is ahead of the game for extending in-home support to help keep patients healthy but their compensation is much different than traditional Medicare.  Still, a great way to look at the future of healthcare. Outreach to help patients with compliant healthy choices..chronic conditions….and patient engagement.  All looks a bit different but change is constant. And that is not a bad thing…(said the baby boomer! YES)

Finding Your Lost Inpatients
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, November 2014
What Inpatient Cases Meet The 2 Midnight Rule
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, January 2015
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Two Midnight Rule Redux
HFMA: Legal & Regulatory Forum, May 2016
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