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Virtual Learning Library

We don’t do it for you; we teach you how to do it yourself

AR Systems, Inc is thrilled to announce an enhanced educational opportunity -Interactive Virtual Training has arrived! For over 20 years, we have had the privilege to participate in many professional association’s commitment to educational excellence while creating site-specific training in diverse subject matter.
As the world is changing and creating a new norm, ARS is excited to formalize our new Virtual Learning Library. Take a look and let’s chat.

• Formal classes from subject experts.
• Regulatory guidance plus hands-on experience to focus on implementation.
• Recording is included in the Premium package.
• 1 or 2 trainers will participate in every session.
Highlights of the Interactive sessions:
Library options:
ARS will create classes as the healthcare environment demands. “Hot off the press” is our norm.

Topics Include:
The Roadmap to Living and Thriving in a Gray World –
The Physician Advisor, Utilization Management and
Revenue Cycle.
Revenue Cycle Impacts of Disruption – the patient, provider, payer
Emergency Department – Facility challenges of E & M development
Attacking Medicare Advantage Denials – Taking your power back
Charge Capture Integrity – Lessons learned from audit
Traditional Medicare: Why I love the 2 MN rule. Inpatient vs observation – why is it so hard? PLUS Documentation guidance for total knee and hip replacements.
Drug Administration Uglies plus sample cases
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In addition to the no cost powerpoints in our Value Added Training Library, contact us for your own virtual training experience that is tailored just for you.
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