Testimonials from Our Annual Physician Advisor- UR Team Boot Camp
- Excellent conference! Agenda and speaker's subject-matter covered the complete spectrum of functional areas that impact RAC: front-end all the way through the nuts & bolts of writing appeal letters.

- Rarely, if ever, have I attended a conference with such consistently good speakers.

- The content was consistently PA-UR but the varied perspectives of speakers provided a 360 degree approach -- excellent!

- Really enjoyable, informative day. Great dialogue and thought-provoking discussion.

- I believe a lot -- a whole lot -- of the excellent feedback is due to the thorough planning and the professional execution of The Boot Camp. The participants both in person and online were treated respectfully. I have attended more than 100 CME conferences over 35 years and respect for the audience's needs and time was lacking in most.- Congrats to you both for putting together the best PA conference I've ever attended, and I've attended quite a few!

- First of all, thank you for a wonderful educational opportunity. I learned so much. More appropriately it confirmed much of what I already thought and envision for my institution. Perhaps I can use this knowledge and new found energy to bring my administrators along into this "new age" a bit more quickly and with some urgency.
-"I am a brand new RN Case Manager and feel a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn.  This conference really helped me to get a handle on how to navigate the various UR pieces and provided some excellent networking opportunities.  I now have some terrific new friends and colleagues all across the nation. -Sue Graves, RN, MSN; Clinical Case Manager; Whitman Hospital Medical Center
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