"More Eyes on the Record"

When most people think of CDI, they think of coding.  Here at AR Systems, Inc., we see a series of handoffs between departments and our three legged approach to Integrated CDI helps to ensure proper documentation throughout the entire process. Our three legged approach incorporates coding validation, patient status documentation, and charge capture auditing to ensure accuracy and completeness throughout the entire process.

What we offer:

        Integrated Approach to Clinical Documentation Improvement


         Offsite auditing of provider records for documentation and patient status accuracy


         Charge Capture Audits


        Coding Validation Audits


        Onsite Physician Education class


o   What is Integrated CDI and why do I care?


        Office Staff, UR, and Nursing Education classes


o   Mastering the Chaos- Attacking the 2 MN Rule + Probe & Educate Hightlights


o   Inpt vs. Obs-Documentation to Support Patient Status


o   ICD-10 Changes Everything in the Revenue Cycle. Think Y 2 K


AR Systems Inc. also offers 2 or 3 day ICD-10 Coder boot camps, UR & Physician Advisor boot camps, as well as Revenue & Documentation boot camps.  If you would like to learn more about these boot camps click here

If you would like to contact AR Systems to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization click on the contact us link and leave your contact information.


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Integrated CDI Program

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