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AR Systems, Inc. in partnership with Diagnosis Plus is excited to offer a unique ICD-10 readiness program that will help
prepare your organization for the changing world of coding.  Our program goes beyond coder training to incorporate
Physician education, documentation chart audits, ICD-9 validation and ICD-10 readiness. 
What we offer:
•   Both onsite and offsite documentation audits of ICD-9 validation and ICD-10 readiness
•   Onsite Physician education programs to help providers understand their role in the ICD-10 process.
     Including educational class:          “What is ICD-10 and why do I care?”

•   1-on-1 training with “at risk” providers.
•   1-on-1 training and education with HIM leadership
•   Onsite education for all staff that includes integration of audit results and findings.
•   Onsite education of coders through hands on application of skills and training
•   Remote Coding  

AR Systems Inc. also offers 2 or 3 day ICD-10 coder boot camps with the focus of training coding staff on new processes.  If you would like to learn more about these coding boot camps.

Also look at our Integrated CDI program that incorporated ICD-10 education into an integrated approach to proper documentation and patient status.

If you would like to contact AR Systems to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization click on the contact us link and leave your contact information.

Coding Audits & Education

"Why be a 9, when you can be a 10"
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