Charge Capture

"Does the order match what we did that
matches what we billed"

AR Systems, Inc. is excited to offer a service line focused on helping hospitals and health networks to capture lost revenue. In addition, ARS also provides accuracy audits for related affiliates such as ACOs. Charge Capture Audits provide assistance with identifying risk areas and conduct line item audits to ensure that there is an order that matches the documentation that matches what was billed.

What we offer:

·         Provide offsite line item audits of charge capture opportunities


·         Line item audits identifying over and under charge opportunities


·          Offsite or Onsite presentation of findings with detailed explanations


·         Detailed report identifying high risk areas


·         High risk areas for audit include: E&M Leveling, Drug administration, Surgery, and Pharmacy.


·         Review charge capture activities with assistance on broken processes


·         Department specific education on charge capture use of protocols


·         Provider Education regarding appropriateness of orders and documentation


Additionally, AR Systems Inc. also offers Physician Advisor & UR yearly boot camps with the focus of training all aspects of the internal physician advisor and UR staff on proper patient status and their role in the new environment. AR Systems, Inc can also develop unique boot camps for your organization. If you would like to learn more about these boot camps, click here.

Also look at our Integrated CDI program that incorporates Patient Status, ICD-10 education, and charge capture into an integrated approach to ensure compliance and reduce denials by getting more ‘eyes’ on the record.

If you would like to contact AR Systems to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization, click on the contact us link and leave your contact information. We will be in touch!

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