"Telling the Patient's Story Better"

AR Systems, Inc is excited to offer a variety of services intended to assist hospitals and health networks with documentation and patient status audits with a focus on documenting medical necessity, enhancing Utilization Review programs, and all types of audits including the 2 midnight rule.

What we offer:

·         Provide both onsite and offsite audit and education including educational sessions:

     “Inpt vs. Obs- Documentation to Support Patient Status". 


·        Perform offsite audits of physician and nursing documentation concerns that may be impacting 1-day stays, &2 midnight stays, and ensuring      

            medical necessity is well documented in OBS to support billable hours.


·         Provide onsite assessment and education to address areas of risk as identified thru the offsite audit.


·        Provide education and assessment of hospital UR process.


·         Provide education on payer audits and documentation necessary to support patient status.


·         Provide UR/case management feedback on process flow and daily interaction with providers.


·        Enhanced UR education with a focus on their role in the new 2 midnight rule & daily operational flow


·        Provider education focusing on their role in the 2 midnight rule. Including Certification form.


·        Assist Facility in developing long term internal and external auditing and education programs.


AR Systems Inc. also offers Physician Advisor & Utilization Review yearly boot camps with the focus of training all aspects of the internal physician advisor, and  UR staff on proper patient status and their role in the new environment.  If you would like to learn more about these boot camps and others click here

Also look at our Integrated CDI program that incorporates Patient Status, ICD-10 education, and charge capture into an integrated approach to ensure compliance and reduce denials by getting more ‘eyes’ on the record.

If you would like to contact AR Systems to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization click on the contact us link and leave your contact information.

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Documentation/ Patient Status Audits

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