Accountable Care Organization

Charge Accuracy Audits

 Is your bottom-line being impacted by out-of-network health care services?
AR Systems, Inc. is excited to offer a brand new service line dedicated to the needs of Accountable Care Organization, focused on providing charge accuracy audits for out-of-network healthcare services.  This unique service line is tailor made for the ACO market and designed to help reduce revenue lost by out-of-network services.  Look at how AR Systems, Inc can help your bottom-line and reduce leakage.
Services include:
Allow AR Systems, Inc. to support your bottom-line by reducing your liability from out-of-network healthcare services and promote charge accuracy.  This service will create a value added proposition for your ACO and it's members.  If you would like to learn more about how AR Systems, Inc.can help your organization, contact us.
As part of AR Systems, Inc. continued mission to improve accuracy and compliance in the healthcare industry, all healthcare providers will be notified of the audits as part of the global commitment to the learning cycle
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